Friday, October 20, 2006

An Introduction

Having recieved only basic training at the University of Arizona (oil painting I and II, and drawing I), I began to draw in earnest after I graduated from university. From just a drawing or two in 2000-2001, to several drawings a year by 2004, I have begun to take art seriously as of late. I plan to re-visit my old stomping grounds in Europe sometime in 2007 to collect more photos to draw from.

I mainly utilize graphite pencils made by Staedtler (and a mechanical pencil for the detailed work) and colored pencils by Faber-Castell. I usually use smooth Bristol paper by Strathmore.

Though I have not appeared in any major gallery exhibitions... I would definately like to do so. Please feel free to contact me. The individual depicted in this post is Roger Waters of Pink Floyd.

1 comment:

Ann Christine Dennison said...

You are very good at your art work...rather like an old master!
I especially like your coloured pencils nature pictures up on your website. Which colured pencils do you use? Prismacolor?