Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Copies of Rembrandt!

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Rembrandt was, in my estimation, the greatest pre-impressionist artist. He has always been a favorite of mine to copy (I think there is no shame in copying the masters- it make for a great training exercise). These are all copies of his work. I learned a great deal while drawing these pictures.

Rembrandt's sense of detail was exquisite (the kind of detail I aspire to bring into my own work).

Rembrandt (along with his fellow dutchmen Vemeer and Hals) were also masters of light (capturing it on canvas that is).

There is only on artist I probably enjoy copying more: Renoir. I'll create a similar post soon with all of the works of done of his. If Rembrandt was the master of detail and light, then Renoir was the master of color and emotion.

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